4 Day Stock Reduction Sale in store! Quokka, 3rd April, 2014

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The West Australian, Wednesday 2nd April, 2014


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Supplier Woodworking, March / April 2014

Snap Shot of Restoration of WA Jarrah Church Doors Project 2014
Snap Shot of Restoration of WA Jarrah Church Doors Project 2014


Snap Shot of Restoration of WA Jarrah Church Doors Project 2014
Tony Mirabile, Managing + Founding Director, Beyond Tools produced the work with a team of volunteers at BT workshop + training centre.
Project proudly sponsored and supported by Beyond Tools. Fabricated using Robland  NXSD310 + Axis Ergo.

Robland, manufactured in Belgium.
Founded in 1972 the first successes were achieved in building affordable quality woodworking machinery, today Robland is becoming renowned for high quality and traditional values to the woodworking industry.

Planer Thicknesser, 410mm NXSD410 #8600370
Up to 230 mm thicknessing capacity with precision setting and locking. The very sturdy central column andpositive feed system ensures excellent results. The large, hard anodized, jointer fence makes edge planing easy. Thanks to its special swivel-support bracket, the fence sets angle without a gap between the fence and the table surface.

Panel Saw, 3 Axis AXIS ERGO #8600267
7.5HP / 3Phase 3.8metre Panel Saw with sliding table, mitre cross cut fence and 1.5metre right of saw. Touchscreen display and digital read of saw blade tilt. The parallel guide fence can be controlled by using the touchscreen with an accuracy of 0.01mm, there is also calibrating mode, automatic correction and saw list with park positions.

CNC Boring Machine BM3000 #8000213
Equipped with a PC and user-friendly CAD-CAM software for designing and programming. During the work-process a live video feed displays the spindle head ensuring easy viewing of the production processes.

The Robland BM3000 CNC upright Boring Machine bridges CNC technologies seamlessly with a compact machine proving ideal where space efficiency is a key factor.

Robland Machinery will be exhibited at AWISA 2014, Brisbane.

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