BUDGET BONANZA – Now is the Time to Upgrade!

Calling all small business owners – The government has recently announced in it’s new budget that small business owners (company’s with less than $2 million turn over) will now have the opportunity to invest in new tools and machinery of their desire and receive immediate tax deduction. Items can be priced as large as $20,000.

Now is the time to upgrade, improve efficiency, and stimulate productivity of your equipment in the workshop before June 30th.

Look no further, invest in your future’s needs and gain more for your money. Come in and visit the machinery and sales experts for all your tool upgrades or visit our website at www.beyondtools.com.


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Bosch Redemption – June & July 2015 – Free GML10.8V-LI Radio when you spend over $299!

Free GML10.8V-LI Radio via Redemption when you spend over $299 on Bosch between now and June 30, 2015GML10.8V-LI


Terms + Conditions here:- here.

How to Claim your Redemption:-

  • Spend over $299 in one transaction on Bosch Blue Powertools
  • Complete Redemption Form here.

‘Gigantic Bosch 3 Day Sale’ The West Australian, Wednesday 20th May, 2015

‘Gigantic Bosch 3 Day Sale’ The West Australian, Wednesday 20th May, 2015150520 BT WEST AD

‘Gigantic Bosch 3 Day Sale’ Quokka, Thursday 21st May, 2015

‘Gigantic Bosch 3 Day Sale’ Quokka, Thursday 21st May, 2015

150520 BT QUOKKA

All Beyond Tools prices include GST. Prices available from 22nd May until 5pm on 30th May, 2015 unless sold out prior. Sorry no Rainchecks. Errors + Omissions excepted. Actual products may vary.

Budget 2015: Up to $20k Tax Deductions On Your Asset Purchases

Budget 2015: Up to $20k Tax Deductions On Your Asset Purchases, by Anthony Mirabile

Have you been waiting to upgrade and improve your productivity and efficiency? Now is the ideal opportunity! Spend up to $20K to receive an immediate tax deduction on your assets. I’m sure you’ve heard in the news and radio about the $20k Tax Deduction…but what does it mean?

The new budget is really good for small businesses (company’s with less then $2m in turnover). ” To help small businesses invest in new tools or machinery the Government will provide an immediate tax deduction of all assets under $20,000. Small businesses can buy as many items under that amount as they like and receive that deduction on each one, starting from budget night”.

In the past, all assets over $300 needed to be depreciated over the assets useful life, now however the entire asset is an immediate deduction, which is a great way to reduce tax. Chat to your accountant and our specialist Team to find out how you can purchase Tools and Machinery and Plant and Equipment and receive immediate Tax Benefits:-

For more info and reading, you can check out the following resources:-

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Anthony Mirabile is a Chartered Accountant practising in Perth, WA