Manual Ceramic Type Edge Trimmer (suit up to 1mm Edging) 4953 by Star-M

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Manual Ceramic Type Edge Trimmer (suit up to 1mm Edging) 4953 by Star-M, Manufactured in Japan

This cutter is used for cutting off the excess edging / edgebanding tape on cabinetry, furniture and furnishings and window film. The Ceramic Trimmer provides a chamfer cut of 1mm / 0.6mm / 0.3mm (depending on the trimmer) or Square edge cut. Trimmer may also be used on 2mm edging, however requires more than one pass (1mm preferred). Available in 1mm Chamfer Cut or Square Edge Cut.

Available in the following sizes:-

  • Chamfer Edge Trimmer
    • 1mm Chamfer
    • 0.6mm Chamfer
    • 0.3mm Chamfer
  • Square Edge Trimmer

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1mm Chamfer Cut, 0.6mm Chamfer Cut (suit vinyl edge doors), 0.3mm Chamfer Cut (suit vinyl edge doors), Square Edge Cut


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