30″ Beech Musical Saw by Parkstone

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30″ Beech Musical Saw by Parkstone, Manufactured in Sheffield, England

The Parkstone Melody Saw is available in 3 sizes, 22″, 26″ and 30″ and is made from fully ground carbon steel 80. This specially made saw uses incredibly flexible steel and allows the saw to be played with a bow when placed between the knees.
The saw does have teeth but these are NOT sharpened or set as with normal saws. We also take around 4″ of the teeth off from the bottom end of the saw to ensure these do not catch on your clothes whilst playing.

We have recently developed our range of Musical Saws with the assistance of Charles Hindmarsh, The Yorkshire Musical Saw Player and have even got a guide that is available with these saws to help you get started. Our range is intended to cater for beginners and more advanced players with a range of budgets and catered for.

The 22″ saw is more of a soprano saw – and the size makes it somewhat easier for children to use
The 26″ is a mid range sounding saw
The 30″ is a bass saw and is capable of 2 and a half octaves
The length of the saw changes the depth of the sound

note range
26 inch saw
30 inch saw

These saws can be played using any bow

Optional Accessories:-

  • Bow 4/4 Size
  • Rosin
  • Cheat – which is the wood attachment often used to help bend the blade. This makes playing much more comfortable as the thumb can tire after playing for a while. Please select this if needed.


  • Also available in The Parkstone Musical Saw Kit – Available in Beech and Walnut Handled kit and include the Bow, Rosin and Cheat complete in a beautifully finished, gold foil blocked presentation box. The Box can also then be used as storage for the saw too.

Additional information

Size 760mm (30")
Tool/ Equipment Type
Timber Species Beech


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