Grabit 2pce Broken Bolt & Damaged Screw Extractor Kit 8420P by Excalibur

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Grabit 2pce Broken Bolt & Damaged Screw Extractor Kit 8420P by Excalibur, Manufactured in USA

Grabit’s Patented two-step process makes it easy to extract damaged especially those that have completely hollowed out heads. Grabit is made from high quality steel for use in a screwdriver or a variable, reversible drill on size covers


  • Two piece kit (#1 & #2) of industrial standard extractors of damaged screws and bolts.
  • Each piece is a drill & extractor in one tool.
  • Double ended tools, left handed “clean-up” drill one end, extractor the other end.
  • Each drill end is self centering, no walking or wandering.
  • Works on jagged and uneven rough breaks. No centre punching or grinding required.
  • Each extractor end is serrated, resulting in greater torque for hard to remove bolts and screws.
  • Grabit Pro removes up to grade 8 fasteners from wood, plastic or metal.
  • Use in reverse only with variable speed reversing drill, either directly chucked or compatible with “quick-connect”chuck systems.

Grabit # 1 Screws: # 4 – 7 Bolts: # 10 (5mm)
Grabit # 2 Screws: # 8 – 10 Bolts: 1/4-in. (6mm)

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#4 #10 (M5 to M6)

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