No. 5 Bench Plane by Clifton

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The Clifton Bench Plane no. 5 has a cutter width of 2″ (50mm) and is for use as a Jack plane

The Clifton Bench Planes are both highly attractive and functional tool that aim to give you an accurate and smooth finish. The Clifton Bench Planes are made from the finest materials: the body and frog are made from accurately machined grey cast iron with their sides and sole fully ground.

The Clifton Bench Plane no. 5 is a very useful plane for flattening out problems like cupping, bowing and twist that can occur as the internal stresses are released when a board is sawn. The No. 5 is also commonly used for removing snipe, scalloping and saw marks.

The Clifton No 5 weighs 2.6 Kilos

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