Adjustable Circle Cutter by Star-M

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Adjustable Circle Cutter by Star-M, Manufactured in Japan

Heavy duty woodworking adjustable circle cutter. From the rotation of the centre bit, the two edges perform the same function as that of a saw set, producing a fine finish and giving outstanding cutting quality, taking advantage of the two blade edges.

By using the optional measure bar – a larger hole with maximum diameter of 200mm (8″) can be bored.


  • Extent of Boring Diameter: 30-120mm (1 3/16″ to 4 3/4″)
  • Extent of Boring Thickness: 3-50mm (1/8″ to 2″)
  • Boring Material:
    • Veneer
    • Plywood
    • Wood
    • Plasterboard
    • Thin Slate
  • Two Options depending on Boring Material:
    • Twist Drill for boring Thick Wood
    • Chisel End for boring Thin Wood

Standard Accessories:

  • Includes 3/8″ 10mm Shank suit most electric drills
  • Two replaceable Blades
  • Replaceable Chisel End Drill for thin materials.
  • Measure Bar
  • L-Shape Hex Wrench
  • Holder to suit Outer Blade
  • Holder to suit Inner Blade
  • Twist Drill Bit

How to Use:

  1. Set both cutting blades on blade holders tightly (both blade edges facing inside)
  2. To adjust size, locate the inner edges of the blade holders against size graduation. eg. 40 = 40mm diameter hole
  3. Set two blade holders at the desired graduation on the measure bar by tightly screwing in the hex nuts (using the L shape Hex Wrench)
  4. Use the chisel end drill when boring thin wood and use the twist drill bit for thicker wood
  5. Before boring, hold 2 sides of veneer or timber firmly by stepping on it, then start boring after cautiously setting the twist drill or chisel end drill at the centre of the desired holder. When using electric drills be sure to contact the cutting blades gradually and slowly on the object to be bored.

Optional Accessories:

  • Replacement Set of 2 x HSS Blades
  • Replacement Centre Drill Bit with 8mm Shank
  • Long Bar with 8mm Shank
    • 200mm
    • 300mm

Full Manufacturer Warranty

1, 6 (save $29.70)1mm Chamfer Cut, 0.6mm Chamfer Cut (suit vinyl edge doors), 0.3mm Chamfer Cut (suit vinyl edge doors), Square Edge Cut